About DavieFirst.org

Our goals are set forth in the Editorial Policy.  Printed daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers and periodicals can no longer serve all of the needs of news thirsty Americans.  The preceding printed media have often been infected with bias and conflicts of interest with their advertisers.  The weekly and monthly hardcopy media have seen their day as sources for current news.  Current news has a new meaning:  that is, events that are occurring now!  Printed periodicals have assumed a new role as purveyors of feature stories, events calendars, and specialty news.

Hard news people want a place to go for local news without being burdened with lists of violations for “faulty equipment.” They want the unvarnished facts, and they want the facts separated from analysis and commentary.  They don’t want to accept your word or mine.  They are the “prove it to me” generation.

At the present time, DavieFirst.org has no advertisers and is not seeking any.  DavieFirst.org is a non-profit undertaking.

Who is DavieFirst.org?  For the present time, we (you and I) are DavieFirst.org.

I need you as my reporters.  I need the information that comes to your attention as well as your ideas.

DavieFirst.org, with relatively few exceptions, will avoid politics—but not totally.  Where choices are very clear, DavieFirst.org will make the choices.  However, choices and reasons for choices will be clearly stated.

My wife and I have lived in Davie County for about 23 years.  We both have actively participated and supported important causes in Davie County.  In particular, we have supported causes that help people.

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