In The Spotlight: Davie County Schools: A Dinner Menu vs. An A La Carte Menu

As I indicated in Street Chatter, it appears as though the Little Report should have put to rest the idea of a new high school.  Unfortunately, Wendy Horne apparently did not understand the implications of the Report when she stated her preference for a new $53 million high school.

The focus of the Board of Education needs to be on (1) the Avenue A choice described in the Report (expansion and renovation of the existing high school at a cost of $34 million) and (2) the needs of our elementary and middle schools at a cost of $46 million.  The total of these two “dinner menus” is $80 million.  Next, we need to put the components of the two dinner menus on an “a la carte” menu so that we can pick and choose.  Finally, we need a working number that voters will spend if the final menu is supported by the Board of Education and Board of Commissioners.  I would suggest the number should be in the range of $25 to $30 million.

In the last Spotlight, I identified a process which could lead to a solution.  The process should involve Little, all principals, the superintendent, and others who are able to contribute to a needs assessment.  Public participation and support are critical.  Choices will be required.  My concept of need and yours may be quite different.  With Little’s help and a somewhat flexible budget, we can succeed.  Some schools will require more money than others, and the schools requiring more money may not include the school attended by your child.

We need to be thankful our county debt is sufficiently low that we can afford to meet our facilities needs.



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