In The Spotlight: Incumbent Rep. Julia Howard: Her Re-Election Is Important To You

Would you trade a 1920’s era $20 gold coin for a $20 bill?  Of course you would not.  The $20 gold coin has intrinsic value for which people will pay a premium.

There is a premium that comes with Rep. Julia Howard aka Ms. Julia.  She is not an ordinary representative.  She is one of the most senior and respected representatives in the General Assembly’s House of Representatives.  She is Senior Chair of the Finance Committee.  She can make things happen where less senior representatives may fail and fall by the wayside.  Ms. Julia has made an important, positive difference in all of our lives during each term she has represented us in Raleigh.

Her positive impact extends beyond the General Assembly.  She knows all of the important elected and appointed officials in Raleigh on a first name basis.  For good reason, Ms. Julia is respected and trusted by these officials.

Ms. Julia attended Salem College where she was graduated with honors.  She is a small business owner in Davie County.  She owns Howard Realty which has been for many years a respected member of the Davie County business community.

The issues that are important to you are likely important to Ms. Julia:  education, employment, public safety, and the list goes on.

Ms. Julia has the support of Democrats as well as Republicans.  She represents each of her constituents regardless of party affiliation.  DavieFirst feels there would have to be very compelling reasons to replace Ms. Julia.  On the contrary, all off the compelling reasons favor her re-election.

Rep Julia Howard gives her district a front row seat in the House of Representatives.  We derive enormous benefits from that seat and its occupant.  DavieFirst enthusiastically supports incumbent Rep. Julia Howard.

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