Meet The Candidates: Linda Mace, Candidate for School Board

My name is Linda Mace. I have lived in Davie County for 18 years with my husband, Glenn. I had three sons, one is deceased and the other two are grown. I am lucky to have a large and getting larger “bunch” of grandchildren! 8 so far and each is delightful!

I am a previous business owner of 9 years and now am working out of my home with an on-line art business. Local issues have been a passion for me over the last ten years. I have tried to attend many of the Commissioner and School Board meetings and keep up with their activities. Running for the Davie County BOE is not something I was planning to do. After a disappointing “interview” with the Little Diversified Group, it became increasingly clear that we needed more conservative voices on the board. Most of the current members of our BOE are anything but conservative, with most spending too much time on building instead of academics. As an example, our cohort graduation rates have fallen over the last six years to below half the state average. Our ranking is only in the 80% range, which may sound good to some, but it relates to a “C” average. These statistics are disgraceful and unnecessary!


Below are a few bullet points about myself:

  • Committed to academic success over building success
  • Committed to excellence in cohort graduation rates rising
  • Committed to ALL students in Davie County being successful
  • Committed to ALL teachers and teacher assistants in Davie County
  • Committed to voters rights on Issues over $10 million dollars (I know it is the job of the Commissioners to provide the funding, but I will keep this in mind when making decisions)
  • Committed to prayer as permitted by law before every Board of Education meeting
  • Committed to a common sense, conservative approach on issues
  • Committed to fact based, not emotion based decisions
  • Active in community politics for ten years

I would appreciate your support during early voting which starts on April 19th or election day on May 8th. I can’t do this without you!


Thank you. Linda Mace

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