Street Chatter: Have We Lost One Candidate For Board Of Education?

For Wendy Horne, truthfulness is a virtue and this virtue may be her only reward.  I had planned to attend the Woodmen of the World Forum principally to hear Mrs. Horne.  I described her background as possibly being the best of all of the candidates.  I did not attend because of illness; however, the report I got was disappointing.

Mrs. Horne opted for the new high school at a cost of $53 million.  This position is a non starter and has been the source of much of the division in our county.  Mrs. Horne apparently does not realize the Little Report put to rest the new high school fantasy.  Why?  Not only is a new high school much to expensive for Davie County, but the Little Report introduced the need to renovate and repair our elementary and two middle schools.  The latter expense is $46 million.  Will Mrs. Horne leave the 5 and 7 year olds to fend for themselves?  No, she is too sensitive a person and knows from her own experience that 5 and 7 year olds need help.

Mrs. Horne, you have offered a goal.  Now, you need to offer a plan to achieve the goal.  How will you convince voters to approve a new high school at a cost of $53 million and part or all of $46 million to renovate and repair our other schools?

We need our board members to convey a message of compromise based on what is possible.  Please find a way to get back into the game.

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